Aching to Get Back Into Dance

Yes the title says it all. This girl is aching to get back into dancing. Things have been a bit crazy with school, work, relationships and just the everyday challenges of being an adult. But this dancer hasn’t gone away for good. I am planning to go back to Driftwood Dance Academy to take their Wednesday afternoon ballet class. My Grandma has so generously agreed to pay for a 10 class punch card. I must say this delights my heart. I will start with the one class on Wednesdays and go from there. One step at a time one day at a time. Here are some dance photos I tool of myself in my apartment. Enjoy and I plan to blog about dance more often. Happy dancing and may you dance through the joys and storms of life.



Back in Adult Ballet at Driftwood Dance Academy


Yes as the title says I am back to doing a weekly adult ballet class at Driftwood Dance Academy. I feels really good to be getting back into dance classes. For about a month I was so busy that I had no time to go to class. Taking ballet class as an adult comes with its challenges. My schedule can get full with work, school and my other creative pursuits. I know that I need to fight to make dance a priority in my life. So taking this class in my way of keeping my foot in the door.

I realized that I carried a dream for many years to be in the program called “Mirror” at the Dance Barn, a dance studio in Langley B.C. For the first time in what seems like ages I’m not carrying that dream anymore. Yes I still want to dance but I’ve found a home at Driftwood Dance Academy and at the Goh ballet in Vancouver.

Yeah so much is happening in my life with my creative pursuits. Its hard to know what role dance is going to play in my life at this time. One thing I know is that there is seasons. A time to dance a lot and much and a time to just do one or two classes at a time. Stay tuned dear readers for more on my dance journey.

Ballet and Tap at Driftwood Dance Academy

Well I must say dance this year is going quite well. I have been taking ballet and tap on Monday nights at Driftwood Dance Academy.  I have been doing the odd class at the Goh Ballet. Its hard when funds are limited and when you have multiple creative passions to do a lot of classes but I’m working on it. I’ll probably go to Goh ballet this Wednesday for the adult drop in class.

I really have found a home at Driftwood Dance Academy. Laura and Jen the studio directors/teachers have a real passion for what they do. They are really positive and make dance fun. They work with where you are at. The past 4 weeks I have had Jen all to myself as a ballet teacher. It has been awesome. It’s like my own private lesson. I do hope for Jen and Laura’s sake that they get more people into the class. But I have to admit I loved having Jen to myself for the session. Driftwood Dance Academy is just a brand new studio so they are yet to get more people interested.

I unfortunately can’t continue with the Monday night classes as I have to do something for school on Monday nights. But I am going to take Jen’s Wednesday afternoon ballet class. It will be starting in a few weeks. Below are some photos from tonight. One of me in my ballet attire and one of me in my tap shoes.

IMG_0524 IMG_0525

A New Year a New Dance!

photo-3Ahh nothing like a brand new year to pick up and start dancing again. On Monday I attended ballet class at the Goh Ballet in Vancouver. It was so great to see fellow classmates that I had not seen for a while. It was great to pliee, tendu and sotee (I don’t know if that’s how you spell those ballet terms, I need to brush up on my french).

Over the Christmas holidays I got to see the Goh Ballet put on their annual presentation of the “Nutcracker.” It was spectacular, professional and magical. My friend Laura from the adult ballet classes at the Goh played the role of the governess. It was so great to see her on stage all dressed up. She played the part well! It got me thinking, “Hey I would love to be in the Nutcracker next December.” Auditions are for early May of this year. They welcome people in the adult ballet to try out. Realistically I won’t get the part of the sugar plum ferry haha!! But it would be fun to be the governess or one of the ladies who waltzes in the party scene. I even thought about taking ballroom lessons. That would be so much fun!

So as the title of this post says, its a new year and a new dance. I am going to start over and make sure I make dance one of my priorities this year. No more getting too busy and missing class! Stay tuned friend for more dance in 2015! Thanks for following my journey!

The Things That Stand in the Way of Our Dreams

Well almost 2 months have gone by since I wrote my last post. To be honest I haven’t done much dancing in that time. Life has been work and school. I’m thinking and wondering where all the time went. I’ve been questioning to myself today why I haven’t been dancing much and I’m running a blog on dance. Here is a list of what has been standing in the way;

-my school and the end of the semester – school can get quite busy towards the end of the semester and the homework and assignments can pile up.

-my job and the reality that I need to make money to live – Yes its true in order to afford my life and my dance lessons I need to work

-Feelings of low energy and a loss of drive – yes I’ve been a bit less driven when it comes to my dancing

– loss of vision and direction

Yes I realize that this post isn’t as encouraging as my others. We all loose our vision and our way sometimes. We all have set backs in life. Sometimes we need to fight for our time and fight for what matters most to us!

Today I have been contemplating whether I should finish my schooling. I go to music school at a bible college. Not sure what my plan of action is yet. One thing I know is that I need to get back on the bandwagon and start dancing again. Dear readers send me your thoughts, prayers and encouragement. I need it right now.

Here is a video of me dancing at a recital 4 years ago. It’s a jazz piece. Enjoy!

Got to Dance at the Studio Today

1470286_1497665330484953_8720319559834021058_n Today was a great day for dance. I signed up for a new session of ballet classes on Wednesday mornings at Driftwood Dance Academy.  Wednesdays are my days off from work and school. So I have decided to include dance in my wednesday schedule.

The class today was 1 h and 15 min and taught by Laura one of the dance studio directors. I love Laura she is so positive. She is one of my all time favourite dance teachers. The studio is just a 15 min bus ride away. It’s easy to get to.

So in class today we got to do a lot of tricky technical combinations at the bar. It was a bit of a challenge for me but a challenge I need.

After class i got to rent one of Driftwood’s studios for 1 hour. I put on one of my tu tus and danced away. I love renting the studio and getting time to dance. It doesn’t matter if anyone is watching, its my time to dance and play like a child. Nothing is more pure and childlike than humbly learning to do ballet dance in your adult years. I love it!!

I Will Find A Way to Dance


Man life has been busy the past few months. I am now busy with work and school. But deep in my heart I hear that cry to dance! And dance I must. If I don’t dance my spirit will be down. It’s in me to dance. I always seem to make excuses or I let things get in the way.  Sometimes its hard to express yourself and just dance. In our society people have been told to be dignified. To dance is to become undignified. To dance is to become vulnerable and put your heart out there. When we dance people watch.  Sometimes it isn’t always safe to let all out and just dance. Our  imperfections and our weak spots are exposed.

Last post I wrote out all my lofty plans with dance. I was going to attend class several times a week.  Man if it were that simple with all life’s demands. Still I must fight to dance. Whether it be at the beach, time in the studio at home in my apartment at class etc. I must dance and I must find a way each day.

Time to Start Dancing Again



It has been some time since I updated this blog. Well in the past few months I have been finishing up my semester at music school. My focus shifted to my music which you can check out at After completing my second year at Pacific Life Bible College I went straight in to playing music gigs around Vancouver. I feel it is time to get back into doing some dancing. Finances are tight at the moment but I can’t let that stop me from doing what I love. If I had all the money in the world here are the classes I would take.


Monday – Ballet at the Goh 7pm

Tuesday – Modern at Driftwood dance Academy

Wednesday – Ballet at Driftwood – 9am

Thursday – Private ballet lesson with Laura at Driftwood

                – Ballet at the Goh 7pm

Man I would dance and make music all day long if I had all the money in the world! I am glad I have a day job though. It centres and grounds me. 

Here are some dance programs that I would love to be a part of in the future.

The Mirror Dance Program- Through the Dance Barn

Hillsong College Dance Program in Sydney Australia

Katy Mata Ballet- Adult Ballet non professional ballet company in Sanfransico, California

Royal Academy of Dance – London, England

Yes these are some programs I have been thinking about. I know that in the meantime I need to work on my technique and artistry in the local studios here in Vancouver. I need to start right where I am and build my skills. It is always fun to dream and have the goal of being in one or more of these dance companies/programs.

So my small action that I can take in the direction of my dreams tomorrow? Practice ballet in my apartment and do some stretching. Yes each day we can take small actions towards our dreams!



Interview with The Adult Ballerina Project

Hey everyone!

I got featured on the Adult Ballerina Project’s website! I am so excited! Click here to read the interview. Kristen Gillette runs this project and is a part time adult ballerina as well as a freelance writer. Check it out!

Start Right Where You Are and Dance!!


How often do we just get stuck. We get stuck in the past, stuck in the future, stuck in our worries, our fears our failures. We have a hard time just enjoying the present moment. The present is right where we need to be. I believe there is a loving and benevolent God our there who is taking care of us. We do our part and he does the rest. We do our part each and everyday to enjoy life, be grounded, disciplined and do what we love. We don’t have to fret about the future because God has it in His control.

I have had both a great week and a challenging week. I have started this blog which is awesome, I got to go to dance class and talk to some people about my love for dance. I at the moment I am going through some financial struggles. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that my income will be more than it always has. I know I need to change my thinking on this.

So as the quote states above I am going to start right where I am and use what I have in the present. I am going to wake up tomorrow and dance!!